ASAP prevents wrongful deportations by connecting refugee families to community support and emergency legal aid. We provide rapid representation at a distance, reaching families who could not otherwise access legal services in the United States.

Our clients have traveled thousands of miles and braved dangerous terrain to bring their families to safety. We fight alongside them to keep their families in the United States and safe from harm. We are creative, collaborative, and nonpartisan. And we believe all refugee families deserve the support and assistance they need to win their cases, no matter where they are located in the United States.

ASAP was founded in May 2015 as a volunteer effort led by four law school classmates: Conchita Cruz, Swapna Reddy, Dorothy Tegeler, and Liz Willis. Since then, ASAP has represented hundreds of refugees at imminent risk of deportation in over 25 states, provided support to thousands more through a private online community, and mobilized over 500 volunteers to carry out this work across the country. 

For more information, check out our 2016-2017 Annual Report and visit our new website!