ASAP in the News

Why Even a Live-Tweeting Senator Couldn't Stop a Deportation

New York Times | May 5, 2017
Co-director Swapna Reddy discussed the unlawful deportation of a Honduran mother and child who came to the U.S. fleeing danger abroad.

Why Deportation Could Mean Death for Some Refugees

TIME Magazine | March 9, 2017
Co-directors Conchita Cruz and Swapna Reddy published an op-ed discussing the challenges faced by asylum-seeking families in the United States.

New Clinics Debut at Yale Law School

Yale News | February 27, 2017
Co-founder Liz Willis discussed ASAP's new clinic at Yale: "The mothers we work with are exceptionally strong and resilient, and the seminar's goal is to provide them with exceptional representation."

In a Time of Refugees

Yale News | January 30, 2017
Yale profiled the development of ASAP and the International Refugee Assistance Project, both founded by law students to assist vulnerable families in hard-to-reach areas.

Communique: Yale Law Student From Polk County Co-Founded "Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project"

WHQR, NPR Affiliate | January 17, 2017
Co-founder Liz Willis discussed ASAP's efforts to bring legal services to rural areas across the United States.

Trump’s Immigration Plan Could Hurt Central America More Than Mexico

Fusion | December 9, 2016
ASAP's Co-director Swapna Reddy discussed the unexpected consequences of illegal reentry enforcement for asylum seekers in the United States.

Denuncian trato de México a migrantes centroamericanos

Associated Press | September 20, 2016
ASAP client Suny Rodriguez discussed the U.S. government’s inhumane treatment of her and her son during their time in border detention centers. (Spanish-language source.)

Migrant Mother, Son Sue U.S. over Treatment in Detention

Thomas Reuters Foundation | August 19, 2016
A reporter covered a first-of-its-kind federal lawsuit filed by ASAP on behalf of Suny Rodriguez—a Honduran mother and activist—and her 9-year-old son.

Yale Law Students Launch Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project

Yale News | June 29, 2016
Yale Law School covered ASAP's progress during its first year, highlighting the law school community's involvement.

The Feministing Five: Swapna Reddy | February 8, 2016
ASAP co-founder Swapna Reddy discussed immigration raids and the mobilization of law student volunteers.

Women on the Run: First Hand Accounts of Refugees Fleeing El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees | October 2015
ASAP clients Alba Cruz Montano and her daughter were heavily featured in the UNHCR’s recent report on the Central American refugee crisis, including on its front cover.

Women on the Run: Alba’s Story

UNHCR Video | October 28, 2015
ASAP client Alba Cruz Montano describes fleeing persecution in El Salvador, fighting her deportation while in detention, and her life in the U.S. Alba and her daughter won their immigration case with the help of ASAP's remote volunteers.

#WhatsWorking: Legal Assistance For Immigrants

Huffington Post Video | September 1, 2015
ASAP co-founders were interviewed about massive effort by students and young lawyers to provide free legal help to some of the thousands of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States.

These Young Students And Lawyers Are Helping Women And Children Get Out Of Immigrant Detention

Huffington Post | August 24, 2015
ASAP’s co-founders were commended for their work representing detained families in asylum hearings. 

The Global Team Effort that Freed a Mother and Child

American Immigration Lawyers Association Leadership Blog | July 9, 2015
ASAP co-director Conchita Cruz detailed the international volunteer effort that led to one family’s release.

YLS Clinical Students Represent Immigrants Detained in Texas

Yale News | July 9, 2015
After traveling to the South Texas immigration detention center earlier this year, Yale Law School clinical students have continued to represent women and children who are seeking asylum while incarcerated in the nation’s largest immigration detention facility.

Ground Zero in the Immigration Debate

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | July 2015
A reporter covered one of ASAP's early trials. After granting the case, the judge told ASAP's client: "For your young age, you have gone through a lot. . . You are strong because you came to the United States with a 3-year-old. Good luck to you."

Immigrant Families in Detention: A Look Inside One Holding Center

Los Angeles Times | June 25, 2015
ASAP's client described the significant abuse she experienced in El Salvador, her fear of return, and her difficulty navigating the U.S. immigration and family detention system.

Hope and Despair as Families Languish in Texas Immigration Centers

New York Times | June 14, 2015
ASAP client Suny Rodriguez and her son were featured in a story about families detained in the government detention centers in Dilley and Karnes, Texas.