Our Programs

Winning asylum for refugee women with children.

ASAP uses creative lawyering, an innovative model of remote representation, and large-scale volunteer mobilization to take on and win cases for refugee mothers and their families across the country. Knowing the dangerous repercussions of bureaucratic mistakes, ASAP focuses on representing women whom the government has already wrongfully denied asylum or ordered deported.

Training future lawyers.

ASAP works with expert attorneys to train hundreds of law student volunteers to be innovative and compassionate advocates. ASAP expands national capacity to represent refugee families by making it easier for law students, pro bono attorneys, and others to volunteer from anywhere in the world in the comfort of their home. By creating templates, primers, and training materials, as well as providing ongoing technical assistance, ASAP lowers the barrier to entry for volunteers while ensuring excellent representation for asylum seekers.

Leveraging technology to prevent deportations.

ASAP provides refugee women with tools to help them take control of their legal cases and advocate for themselves and their families. Through a private Facebook group, more than one thousand formerly detained women are able to ask questions of expert attorneys, share stories and strategies, and build community power. ASAP is also developing a mass-texting program to communicate instantly with thousands of formerly detained women based on their geographical location, next hearing date, and other criteria. The program will ensure that families know about their upcoming court hearings and have the legal information they need to avoid deportation on procedural grounds.

Pushing for systemic change.

ASAP provides refugee clients with a platform to speak out about the need to end wrongful detention and deportation through litigation, press coverage, policy work, and executive and legislative advocacy. By engaging in both direct representation and mass-communication with thousands of refugee families, ASAP is uniquely positioned to uncover patterns of injustice, identify impassioned community advocates, and push for systemic change.

Fighting for families in New York.

ASAP is developing a pilot program to disseminate information related to legal, medical, and social services available to refugee women and children. ASAP believes that every mother and child with an immigration court hearing in New York City must and can, through local advocacy, have access to pro bono counsel, in addition to support services in the areas of housing, employment, food, reproductive health, mental health, and other medical needs.