Our Impact

ASAP works to end the wrongful detention and deportation of refugee families in the United States. Since its founding in the spring of 2015, ASAP has:

  • Ensured universal representation for the dozens of women and children forced to go to trial while incarcerated in the nation’s largest family detention center, winning every case that ASAP took on or placed.
  • Prevented the imminent deportation of more than 200 detained refugees through emergency legal filings, and secured their release from detention.
  • Overturned wrongful deportation orders for dozens of asylum seekers in 14 immigration courts in 12 states, including difficult jurisdictions such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and San Antonio.
  • Notified thousands of families of their upcoming hearings by text message, and co-managed a private Facebook group providing legal information and community to more than 1500 formerly detained women.
  • Filed a first-of-its-kind federal lawsuit brought by a refugee mother and child seeking monetary damages for the inhumane treatment they suffered while imprisoned in border detention facilities.
  • Provided legal assistance at a distance to families in 3 detention centers and 22 states.
  • Mobilized and trained more than 500 volunteers to carry out this work, including dozens of lawyers and more than 300 law school students across the country.